Wants And Needs (1)

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Wants and Needs (1) Financial Fun Box to help you introduce and/or re-affirm the concepts of wants and needs.. Includes a book, a sticker activity, and a fun game. Recommended for ages 5-6. Scroll down for more information.


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A great box to introduce or re-affirm the concepts of “wants” and “needs” to your little ones! Start off with a fun book, then move on to a creative guessing and drawing game with a side of stickers, and finish off with a card game of showdown that turns into pretend play with our QuestGirls!

Ages: 5-6

Learning Goals:

    • Identify wants & needs
    • Identify what other people want
    • Choose between two pleasant activities or items
    • Model choosing between needs and wants

Quests included:

    • Cool Shoes!
    • I Want, You Want
    • Needs and Wants Showdown

Materials included:

    • 3 Quest Guides
    • 2 Sticker Sheets
    • 2 Tracker Boards
    • Challenge Card
    • 2 Dry Erase Markers
    • Story Book
    • Item Cards
    • Scenario Cards
    • Quest Girl Cards

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Dimensions11.25 × 9 × 3 in


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