Lifestyles and Money Attitudes

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The Lifestyles and Money Attitudes Financial Fun Box is built for your kids to dream of the lifestyle they want to have. Help them explore different attitudes about money. Includes exploring their destiny, an active game, some role playing, and real life interviews. Recommended for ages 7-9.

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Time to dream of the future! What kind of life does your child want? Start off with a fortune teller reading, then get moving as you run from one side of the room to the next making your own choices. Then, it’s time for some role playing! Help our QuestGirls make the best choices based on their attitudes towards money. Last but not least, go out into the real world as an investigative reporter! Discover how people in your life made different choices, what they wanted to be when they grow up, and where they are now.

Ages: 7-9

Learning Goals:

  • Imagine and describe a desired lifestyle
  • Understand attitudes towards money
  • Understand the different effects of attitudes towards money

Quests included:

  • Fortune Teller
  • Make A Choice
  • Ace Reporter


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