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I like that I learn about my daughter through these games. It’s actually great quality time – not at all ‘homework like’ – while being a great, flexible learning tool for her!

Cristel O., North Carolina

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Miniature Masterminds

If you’ve ever struggled to get your kids to understand that a debit card is not a magical swipe of the money tree—you’ve come to the right place: inherQuests Financial Fun boxes are made to turn awkward moments into lightbulb moments.

Miniature Masterminds mommy blogger Rebecca played inherQuests games with her daughter. Here’s what she says in her review:

inherQuests boxes are a great buy for families wanting to teach their children about finances! We had so much fun playing this game that it drew the attention of my son who joined in. It started to get a little too wild about 5 games in. Competition was fierce.

Harlem Love Birds

Harlem Love Birds mommy blogger Quiana shares with readers how engaged her daughter was while playing the inherQuests game Lifestyles & Money Attitudes. She says:

I was especially drawn to this particular box because these are topics I hadn’t discussed with Nia before. The Ace Reporter activity was a fun mother-daughter experience as she interviewed me, asking reflective questions such as, “What did you want to be when you were younger?” and “What do you like about your life now?” I like that the activity encouraged her to write, setting a goal to interview as many people about their lifestyles as possible.

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