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What is inherQuests?

So glad you asked! InherQuests creates fun financial education products and content for kids. Our first product is a series of Financial Fun Boxes focused on girls, giving them a basic financial education through fun, relevant and engaging experiential games and activities.

How are your games designed?

We teamed up with educational and child development experts to develop our games (what we call “Quests”) based on the National Financial Educators Council’s Financial Literacy Framework and Standards. We also work with toy designers, illustrators, authors, and content creators to bring the games to life. We came up with a winning formula to ensure kids have fun, learn, and apply it all to real life: game-based and experiential learning.

Standards? Sounds complicated.

Not really! We used them as a roadmap to build our Quests. They are also aligned with Common Core, in case that’s important to you.

What’s experiential learning?

Very simply, it’s “learning by doing, reflecting, and applying to real life.”

Remember learning how the color wheel works by mixing up blue and yellow paint to make green, with your own two hands? Or playing with blocks as a kid and figuring out how to get a wall to stand up? Remember how you didn’t really understand how yeast worked until you baked bread for the first time? That’s experiential learning. It’s “Doing, reflecting on what you do, and then applying it to real life.”

Like many education experts, we believe this kind of learning is particularly important when the subject matter is typically considered “complex” or “boring.” Young girls, in particular, tend to do better when they are active participants and are given real world context for what they’re learning.

So how do you know this works?

Learning about money is like building up a muscle: it takes time and practice. We decided to start with girls when they’re young so that when they enter adulthood, they’ve had plenty of time to build up the skills and knowledge that will allow them to thrive. Not that the learning stops there—financial education is a lifelong process!

We have tested our Quests with parents across the country, and saw great results – but of course, we are always striving to improve and better measure the impact of our boxes. From the research we have found, we know that repetition and learning things through different games and methodologies help, and that is what we have imbedded through our Quests.

What are “Quests” exactly?

“Quests” is what we call our games and activities. Our boxes can include any combination of the different types of Quests we have:

  • Reading – Books, Comics
  • Physical – Dancing, Moving, and More
  • Creative – Drawing, Coloring, Painting, Writing, Verbal
  • Imagination – Scenarios, Acting, Pretend Play
  • Problem Solving – Numbers, Counting, Building
  • Card Games – Sorting, Choosing, Matching
  • Board Games
  • Real Life Experiences

While some Quests may be directly related to money and financial concepts, others teach different skills needed for financial literacy without referencing money. As your child advances through the boxes, more money-related Quests are introduced in an age-appropriate way.

No apps? No screens? It IS the 21st century, after all…

Here’s the thing: Kids get so much screen time already. We love online learning and digital apps and believe they can be powerful tools—in fact, they are on our horizon for a later launch. But screens would make us miss out on the physical aspects of creativity and person-to-person play especially at such a young age, so we decided to start with physical games. Experiential learning means a focus on interacting with the world and the people around us, and we’re all about experiential learning.

What ages are your Financial Fun Boxes for?

Each box caters to a different recommended age range, but in general they are for kids ages 5 through 8 or 9 years old. Some kids are more advanced than others, so we recommend age ranges and provide you with enough details to make the best choices for your kids.

Do I have to buy all the boxes to make sure my kids learn everything they need to?

No, you don’t have to… Every child is at a different stage, and some have already been exposed to specific concepts and have learned the skills and behaviors we are seeking to teach. However, repetition usually works great with kids, especially if it involves games and real-life experiences.

Each of our boxes is focused on specific learnings and topics, so you get to choose! We provide details of what learning goals the boxes cover, which ages it is recommended for, and you can make the best choice for your kids.

Why girls?

We think all kids, regardless of gender or gender identity, are great! We don’t discriminate when it comes to learning good money habits, and everyone is welcome to use our boxes—but girls face more obstacles when it comes to learning about money, so we decided to focus on them to get them interested early on. According to various research reports, girls are not encouraged as much as boys to learn about money and financial matters, and they start losing confidence in themselves from as early as the age of 6, feeling less smart in boys in subjects such as math.

And it doesn’t get easier when they become adult women:

Our goal is that with our Financial Fun Boxes and future products, girls will learn positive behaviors and important financial concepts and skills, so they can grow up to become financially empowered women. And while we’re specifically passionate about teaching girls about money, we encourage you to let any kids in on the fun.

Can I sign up for a membership or subscription?

Currently, we are only offering individual boxes that you can select a la carte, and we will work on creating memberships and subscriptions in the near future, as we have more boxes designed and ready for purchase. If you would like to be notified of future subscription offers and new products, you can sign up for our newsletter – we won’t spam your inbox, promise!

When can we expect the boxes to be delivered? When will more boxes be available?

Your orders are expected to be shipped within a day or two of your order by Priority Mail. Once they are shipped, you will receive a notification email with tracking information.

We are working on the next set of boxes, and we will notify you when they are listed.

How about older age groups?

We decided to begin with younger kids ages 5 – 9 since there are fewer physical and curriculum-based resources available for this age group. Long term, though, we envision a line of products that fits all stages of childhood. We plan to tackle grades 3-5, and beyond… the sky is the limit!

Will you have your boxes available in different languages?

Sí. Oui. Yes! Down the line, we plan to offer our activities in other languages, beginning with Spanish. We would love to hear from you if you’re interested in languages beyond English and Spanish in the future!

Is inherQuests a non-profit?

No, it is a for-profit business with a social cause. We’ve seen many a non-profit struggle to achieve its mission due to lack of funds. We prefer to have a sustainable, profitable company with a social goal, not influenced by donor money.

Where are you located?

inherQuests is headquartered in New York, NY.

Will inherQuests be available outside of the US?

Right now, we can only ship within the US. As we grow, we are looking to expand into other markets and to see how to make our content more relevant to local requirements, languages, and cultures, as needed. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!

Interested in licensing our content? Get in touch!

Can my kids play without me?

Yes – but only after you play with them at least once. The reason we designed the games with your involvement is that kids prefer to learn money-related stuff from you! In fact, 85% of girls prefer to learn about money matters from their moms (65% from their dads), making Financial Fun Boxes a great solution for parents wanting to give their kids a strong financial base at an early age.

Once they know how it goes, they can play for hours with other siblings and friends!

Should we do all the games and activities at once?

If you have the time, sure! You can adapt them according to your own time.

Can the whole family play along?

Sure! While the box is meant for one-on-one interaction, we have seen families including other family members into the games and activities without issues—friends, too! Our Quests are flexible and adaptable. Don’t forget – most of the games and activities can be played or done multiple times with different participants.

What is your return/refund policy?

We will gladly replace any damaged boxes or missing items – just contact us to request your refund.

If you have any other problems / issues and would like a refund, just send us an email with all the details and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Not at this time – sorry!

Can we get a discount for bulk orders?

Yes! Just contact us with your needs, and we will send you an updated cost offer.