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Money games for girls designed to build their financial life skills. Our Financial Fun Boxes include fun money quests and real life experiences.

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Wants and Needs (2)

Teach kids the difference between needs and wants with this financial fun box. They’ll travels to the future with QuestGirl Penelope to see how her own needs and wants change (or don’t!) when she’s older.

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inherQuests Level 3

Lifestyles and Money Attitudes

This game helps your child discover how people in her life made different choices around money, what they wanted to be when they grow up, and where they are now.

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Intro to Money

Introduce your your kids to coins and bills, even if they are already familiar with them. Play some fun games, add a little competition, and teach them how to make up different values.

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Buying a car could actually make you a better parent and help you teach kids life money lessons.

How Buying A Car Can Make You A Better Parent

Buying a house, getting a new car, or paying for your oldest’s education: these all have high price tags. But they’re also opportunities to model good financial decision making to your kids. Turning big ticket purchases into life money lessons isn’t just a matter of leading by example through your own responsible decision making. It’s […]

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The Real Costs of Living… For Kids

How do we introduce kids to the real costs of living? Every parent has heard the simple, sometimes-dreaded question: “why…?” When that question ends with “…can’t I have the newest toy/my favorite snack/an ice cream outing after dinner every night this week?” you might just feel like pulling your own hair out. It’s called a […]

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