Encouraging Kids To Take Risks


December 13, 2016

As the New Year approaches, we often begin to think about our resolutions—what goals we have for ourselves that will, hopefully, produce growth in some way. These often are things like wanting to exercise more or traveling to a new place.

Although you may not initially connect New Year’s Resolutions to risk, you are using the start of a new year to challenge yourself to be courageous, explore new things, and step out of your comfort zone. While risk can sometimes be a scary word, this time of year gives us the chance to take stock and decide what and where we can take risks in a positive and healthy way!

Clinical psychologists Nancy Eppler-Wolff and Susan Davis, co-authors of Raising Children Who Soar: A Guide to Healthy Risk-Taking in an Uncertain World say that there is such a thing as good risk and that kids need to learn how to take risks in a healthy way. They say that a good risk is “an action, activity or behavior that, precipitated by careful thought, involves a leap toward the edge of safety and danger.”  Risk-taking, like other skills, needs to be learned and practiced over time.

That’s what this activity is all about! It’s a fun and safe way for you to help your kids get used to the idea of risk by trying something new together. Just as we need to learn to get comfortable taking risks as adults, kids need to be able to do the same in all aspects of life…including finances, of course!

Download and complete the activities below with your daughter (or any kids and adults that are around!) and then set goals together for the new year. These are suitable for ALL ages!  What challenges do you each want to face? How will you take steps toward risk together and encourage each other along the way?

Download the Quest

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