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Free Halloween Games for Kids

Remember being a child at Halloween, hauling home your candy stash to dump out on the floor and enjoy in all its glory? There’s nothing quite like that feeling of abundance.

As parents, we indulge in dressing up our little ones, “ooh” and “aah” over how cute they look, and try to figure out ways to control their sugar intake… but did you ever think that trick-or-treating could teach kids about money? Bonus for you: there are ways you can make sure they don’t eat too much candy while you’re at it!

Through our Quests, you can engage with your kids in fun games and activities that use experiential learning to teach kids basic financial concepts by having them learn by doing.

The downloadable Quests are meant for kids in K-2, but older children can easily join in on the fun as well!  You can explore the concepts of saving, spending, and donating; what something is worth; and what it means to make a fair trade with your kids. Using their candy haul is a fun and relatable way to help them learn real life stuff, and reflect on that learning together, which makes these concepts more concrete as they apply them to this real life situation of trick-or-treating!

The free Halloween Quests is designed to show you how we intend use experiential learning in our subscription boxes and how simple it is to enjoy together! The easy-to-follow instructions will guide you, and you’ll be given all the materials you will need to complete the Quest. (Except for the candy. We tried to make that downloadable, but it got a little sticky with the candy corn.)

Enjoy this Halloween “treat” we made just for you… no tricks attached! Download here.

We would love to hear how you used these and what the results were. Please share your experience on our Facebook page, or email us.

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