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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Debt For Kids

Debt can be an overwhelming, confusing part of our financial lives as adults. To say it’s widespread is an understatement. More than half of college graduates have educational debt, and borrow a whopping $28,500 on average. As with student loans, debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s enabling people to Keep Reading

Your Kids Want A Pet, But Do They Understand What It Means To Own One?

Puppies. Kittens. Cute little hamsters! Getting a pet is every kid’s dream. What’s better than a furry best friend? But while they spend hours daydreaming about getting one, are they really prepared for the real-life responsibilities of taking care of one? And do they really have a sense of how Keep Reading

Back To School: How to Use Budget-Friendly Meal Planning to Teach Your Kids About Money

The start of the school year is upon us, which means it’s back to busy mornings and rushing your kids out the door before they miss the school bus. It’s also back to packing your kids lunches. Maybe on their first day back you wake up early to pack them Keep Reading

Teach Kids To Save Through Setting Goals, Otherwise It’s Not Really Saving

Kids accumulate money in many ways: cash birthday gifts, allowances, and lemonade stand earnings. Regardless of how they get it, setting aside a portion of that “income” is a great habit to practice! But the simple message of “save money” isn’t actually enough. “Goal-setting” is one of the most significant Keep Reading
Buying a car could actually make you a better parent and help you teach kids life money lessons.

How Buying A Car Can Make You A Better Parent

Buying a house, getting a new car, or paying for your oldest’s education: these all have high price tags. But they’re also opportunities to model good financial decision making to your kids. Turning big ticket purchases into life money lessons isn’t just a matter of leading by example through your Keep Reading

The Real Costs of Living… For Kids

How do we introduce kids to the real costs of living? Every parent has heard the simple, sometimes-dreaded question: “why…?” When that question ends with “...can’t I have the newest toy/my favorite snack/an ice cream outing after dinner every night this week?” you might just feel like pulling your own Keep Reading

The Dollar Value Of A SAHM — And How To Explain It To Kids

This Mother’s Day, appreciate all the stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) by moving the gratitude conversation so it is beyond a simple handwritten card and breakfast in bed. Talk about not just the personal value of a mother, but the financial—regardless of if she works outside the home or not. Little kids Keep Reading

How To Teach Kids About Investing

Even to adults with years of experience making and spending money under our belts, investing can be intimidating. The idea of introducing investing to our kids? Daunting. But if you want your kids to make the most of the money they earn down the line, it’s essential to start teaching Keep Reading

Start With The Basics: Money 101 For Kids

This Financial Literacy Month, prioritize starting to teach your kids about money. Sounds intimidating? It shouldn’t be! You don’t need to be a certified financial expert, or even be making perfect financial decisions every day. Talking to your kids about money is about applying big picture concepts to day-to-day, real-world Keep Reading

What Is Financial Literacy, Really?

Money makes the world go round—so why aren’t kids learning financial literacy from a young age? And what is financial literacy, really? Although more schools are teaching personal finance classes, many are still failing to produce financially literate high school graduates. Only 5 states graded “A” for their efforts in Keep Reading

Doesn’t spark joy? Don’t toss it – yet!

Combining Marie Kondo's "joy" while maximizing your wallet “Does it spark joy?” With that one question, Marie Kondo launched a mass home organizing movement around the world. By now, we’ve all heard it. Between the millions of sales of her home-organizing books and the launch of a Netflix series, Kondo’s Keep Reading
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Gender Equity and Equality Through Girl-Focused Financial Literacy

When we look at the statistics and current state of affairs, we can clearly see why there is a need to advocate for gender equality and equity for women. The existing gender gaps that take various shapes need to be addressed as soon as possible. International Women’s Day is a Keep Reading

Budgeting For Life

Our fifth America Saves Week spotlight is Paula Sintes Darragh, a successful professional raised in a family of bankers. Paula adopted budgeting from an early age, so she saved enough and was able to buy a home before any of her peers started to even consider home ownership. She continued Keep Reading

The Saver, The Risk Taker, And The Game Player

Our fourth America Saves Weeks spotlight is Genna Rosenberg, a toy and consumer products veteran with over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. Genna's money journey starts off with immigrant grandparents who didn't have much, yet worked very hard to to support their family. With a father who Keep Reading

Family Businesses, Confidence, And Independence

Our third America Saves Week spotlight is Deborah Frazier, Liz Frazier Peck's mother. She shares the influence that having a family who owned their own businesses had on her, and how being cut-off from any financial support two years into college made her take charge of her financial life. All Keep Reading

A Passion For People And Financial Planning

For our second America Saves Week spotlight for 2019, Liz Frazier Peck shares how forming an early healthy relationship with money thanks to her parents led her to explore her deep interest in people and finding her passion for financial planning. Her advice, personal stories, and deep knowledge in this Keep Reading

Inspired By Her Grandmothers, An Empowered and Empowering Woman Rises (America Saves Week)

Money was never discussed in my family when I was a young girl. I remember overhearing my parents talk in low, tense voices about not having enough of it. We had a large family and money was always tight. We shopped sales and clipped coupons to stretch what we had, Keep Reading

Teach Kids The Five Languages of Love Through Choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts

Giving gifts is part of many of our childhoods: birthday presents, the holidays, special occasions. And while showing loved ones appreciation is an important lesson for kids, the financial cost can’t be ignored. This Valentine's Day, teach kids ways of showing someone you love them that don’t cost a cent. Keep Reading

How To Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time

You ask your child a question, but they’re distracted by a game on their phone. You check to see if they did their homework, but find them their third hour of iPad play. Kids and screen time are becoming a huge topic (and pain point) amongst parents and experts. If Keep Reading

Minimalism: 7 Tips For Parents To Teach Their Kids

Minimalism is one of the best ways to teach your kids how to value what they have. At its core, it's about intentionally promoting what we most value, and getting rid of distractions. Simply, minimalism is living only with the things we need. It also gives us the opportunity to Keep Reading

The Gender Wage Gap Can Start As An Allowance Wage Gap

The gender wage gap could actually start as an allowance wage gap. You may have heard a lot about the gender wage gap. But what causes it? Who does it affect? And how big is the gap really? Research confirms that this divide actually starts when we’re (very) young. Boys ages Keep Reading

Our Top Halloween Money Lessons

Happy Halloween! We hope you and your family had a great time carving pumpkins, showing off this year’s costumes, and trick-or-treating. Consider taking advantage of the holiday to bring up some key financial lessons with your kids. Halloween is chock full of money lessons, and this week, the inherQuests team Keep Reading

Making Money Real For Kids (Part 2)

Last week we shared ideas to teach kids about money in real world contexts—things like using a clear piggy bank and taking advantage of every opportunity to teach budgeting. But making money real doesn’t always need advance planning or focus on an activity. You can teach your kids about money Keep Reading

Making Money Real For Kids (Part 1)

When kids see cash come out of an ATM or with the swipe of a plastic card to get their favorite milkshake, it seems like magic. In doing so they get an unrealistic perception of money. And because they’re not the ones earning it, a dollar's value can be hard Keep Reading

Should Financial Literacy Be Taught At Home Or In Schools?

Children are like sponges and are constantly taking in and storing information, according to Age of Montessori. They’re getting it from all around them: at home, at school, from their friends, their teachers, and especially from their parents.  Starting at around six years old, however, their brains start to transition Keep Reading

Negotiation Parenting Boosts Your Kids’ Money Skills – Use these tactics to raise money-smart kids.

Negotiation is a skill we use throughout our life, starting from when we’re kids dividing up for afterschool sports, or deciding who gets to choose the evening’s movie. Also, down the line, negotiation has significant financial implications, too. When your kid faces their first salary negotiation or haggles over interest Keep Reading

Self Worth May Lead To Higher Net Worth: Raising Highly Confident Kids

Negotiating for anything—whether it’s an ice cream cone or a job promotion—requires an inherent sense of valuing oneself. In order to ask for what you want, you have to believe you deserve it. Self worth is a building block towards net worth later in life. And unfortunately, kids—especially girls—struggle with Keep Reading

How to Teach Your Kids to Discern Wants and Needs

It took a recent trip to the store to get a reality check for my daughter and I. Walking  down the large department store aisles, she piped up with, “But what are we going to buy for me?” When I asked her to clarify what she meant, she excitedly exclaimed Keep Reading

Five Lessons Learned From A 5 Year Old’s Lemonade Stand

As parents to two little girls, my husband and I often think about the job we have as their educators and protectors. We discuss whether we are doing a good enough job. And, I’ll be honest, we usually feel like we are failing in one way or another. Every parent Keep Reading

Summer Jobs For Kids At Every Age

For kids, summer days are filled with ice cream cones, outdoor play, beach outings—and eventually, their first summer job. Having summer jobs is a great opportunity for your kids to adopt important money values—and start earning some cash, too. Plus, a short-term position is a great opportunity to help them Keep Reading

Six Steps Dads Can Take to Shape Financially Confident Daughters

If you’re a parent of young children, you may have wondered how and when you should be teaching them financial skills - it is never too early! We have been sharing our advice through our blog posts to help with that, and for Fathers Day, we have six practical steps for dads Keep Reading

Ten Educational Games and Resources for Kids to Learn Financial Skills

You may have recently read our article with ten digital-based games for children, but we know there are also times when physical games are just the thing to keep your little ones occupied on rainy days or after school. Tangible games also teach motor skills and tactile learning that digital Keep Reading

“Mommy, What Are Taxes?”

“Taxes” are confusing, even for adults. We know they’re often taken out of our paychecks, or owed come April every year—plus, they go towards essential governmental services. But really, what are they? Where exactly do they go? How do they work? Why do we pay them? Turns out the answers Keep Reading

8 Basic Money Lessons We Must Teach Our Kids

Growing up, it can be difficult for kids to really get what the whole deal with this “money” stuff is. In all likelihood they see food appear on the table and feel heat coming out of the radiator without making the connection to mommy and daddy going to work or clipping coupons Keep Reading

Why You Should Stop Keeping Up With the Joneses — and Help Your Kids Do The Same

Keeping up with the Joneses comes with a price—and it might be higher than you think. Overspending—on the newest iPhone, trendy clothes, or an Instagram-worthy vacation—adds up, but the real cost won’t be to your wallet, but instead, your wellbeing.This kind of mentality can hit kids hard too. While they’re Keep Reading

Ten Games that Teach Financial Principles to Kids

As parents in today’s day and age, it can feel like every moment is already filled before the day even starts. Between schoolwork, daycare, work, or family events, it can be incredibly hard to schedule out intentional play time. Educational games can be a way to incorporate that rare and Keep Reading
Nicole Hamilton

America Saves Week Spotlight: Nicole Hamilton

Nicole Hamilton is the CEO and Founder of Homeownering, a site for homeowners to get good financial outcomes. She is also the author of the book “Avoid the Money Pit, Turn Your Home Into a Financial Powerhouse” on how to get the most out of homeownership financially. As a child, Nicole’s parents always Keep Reading

America Saves Week Spotlight: Grace Cartwright Aspinwall

Grace Cartwright Aspinwall’s family lived frugally, yet she and her siblings never felt that their necessities were not taken care of. Despite the large pay cut her father took when he became an ordained minister, her parents were still able to put all of their four kids through college and pay Keep Reading

Are Your Fears Getting In The Way Of Your Kids’ Financial Education?

It may be some time before your little ones start learning how to drive, moving out to start college, or hunting for their first apartment; but with a driver’s license comes car payments, with college comes tuition bills, and with an apartment comes rent. You want to ensure they are Keep Reading
How To Help Your Kids Set Money Goals

How To Help Your Kids Set Money Goals

The idea of setting goals is appealing to many parents; goals teach responsibility, show kids how to persist through obstacles, and create initiative. But when it comes to money, sometimes it can be hard to integrate goal-setting in a meaningful way that young kids can understand. Research shows that children Keep Reading

Signs of Financial Irresponsibility in Kids (And What To Do About It)

Though a few dollars here and there might not add up to much today, raising financially irresponsible kids could cost you and them a lot more down the line. Whether it’s grown kids who won’t leave the nest, or ask to borrow large sums of money when they can’t pay Keep Reading

How To Tell Your Kids You Are In Debt

Recently, we covered an important question: should you tell your kids you’re in debt? As we discussed, the answer varies, and what is right for your family may differ from others. If you’ve decided that the pros of telling your kids outweigh the cons, your next challenge is figuring out Keep Reading

Ways to Talk to Your Kids about Entitlement and Gratitude

In our family, I often refer to the holiday season as “the season of the gimme’s”. With the obvious holidays of thanksgiving and Christmas, we also have several winter birthdays among our kids, so it can feel like it is nothing but a non-stop stream of gifts, gift opening, and Keep Reading

Should We Tell Our Kids We’re In Debt?

There are a lot of questions parents struggle to answer: Is Santa real? Where do babies come from? Why can’t I get a tattoo? But one question that’s on a lot of parents’ minds and doesn’t get as much air time: should we tell our kids we’re in debt? As Keep Reading

How To Have “The Candy Talk” With Your Kids This Halloween

Halloween candy comes in in a rush—your kid may collect as many as hundreds of candies in a single night. In addition to preventing sugar highs (and sugar crashes), you can use all this candy currency to have an important conversation about budgeting, savings, and the benefits of patience. After Keep Reading

How To Model Strong Financial Skills To Your Daughter (As A Working Mom)

As a working mom, I have dealt with the continual feelings of guilt that seem to accompany mothers into the workplace. Whether they’re based in our own struggles, or from opinions of others, it’s easy to feel inadequate and stretched thin. But there is one area that I feel gives Keep Reading

Why Your Kids’ Financial Education Is The Best Investment You Can Make

What if you could give your child a gift that was guaranteed to increase in value as she gets older? Something that would provide her with not only financial wealth, but also boosted confidence, decision-making skills, and preparation for becoming an adult? Financial literacy can offer your child all this Keep Reading

Allowance Alternatives That Won’t Cost You A Dime

Teaching money lessons doesn’t have to cost money—even when it comes to an allowance. When you break it down, an allowance is two things: 1) a resource you give your child that they then decide how to use; and 2) a tool to help teach healthy financial habits and skills. Keep Reading

Why Old Is (Still) Gold

Kids have a reputation for being rebellious, especially against their parents: they do not want to wear those socks, or eat those veggies, or go to bed! But it turns out there’s one set of family members that kids actually do want to listen to: their grandparents.It seems that grandparents Keep Reading

Fun Activities To Do With Kids This Labor Day Weekend

When we think of Labor Day, we imagine enjoying a barbeque with family and friends; for kids, it’s often the last weekend before school begins. But the holiday’s origins are actually quite different. In the late 1800’s, the average American worked seven days a week, twelve hours a day, just Keep Reading

Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids About Gender Equality at Work

There are so many places that gender inequality affects women and men, but one of the most impactful—especially when it comes to kids’ financial futures—is inequality in the workplace. It is important to start talking to kids about gender equality sooner rather than later, to instill those values from a young Keep Reading

How To Start Budgeting For Your Next Big Vacation

Parents today deal with a number of financial concerns when it comes to raising kids, and travel is just one of them. Whether it’s an unexpected flight to visit family, or a monumental trip to Disneyland, costs can mount quickly. It can leave you with a pile of uninvited debt, Keep Reading

Save on Back to School Shopping and Teach Your Kids These Money Skills

Back-to-school shopping can be overwhelming, and for good reason! Between required school supplies and those extras your kid begs for, it’s an expensive time of year, and can eat up a bigger chunk of your budget than you might expect. What if it didn’t have to be, though? What if, Keep Reading

How to Say No (When Money Is Tight) and Make It Sound Like A Yes

Your five-year-old daughter throws herself down on the floor and refuses to get up until you promise to buy her an ice cream cone. She starts crying, then sobbing, then wailing. The harder you try to get her to stop, the louder she screams. You’re in a rush and have Keep Reading

Protecting Kids From Identity Theft

You know your kids are separate individuals—mostly because they rarely miss an opportunity to tell you that they want to do things themselves or to ask you to leave them alone. At least, until they can’t find something they need for school right as you’re all walking out the door! Keep Reading

Let Your Kids Make Bad Financial Decisions

There’s so much info out there about how to raise our kids. Too much sometimes, if we are being honest! We constantly talk about our choices and preferences, sharing information and opinions in person and online—yet when it comes to money, we clam up. We don’t talk to our friends Keep Reading

How To Balance Debt And Saving, And Teach Your Kids The Same

Though our America Saves Week spotlight interviews focused on saving, “debt” came up just as often. I can’t say I was surprised, since it is another tool which gives us access to cash we otherwise wouldn’t have access to; but debt can also become an impediment to saving. Our parents lived Keep Reading

America Saves Week Spotlight: Simone Tchouke

For America Saves Week (ASW), I wanted to bring you personal insights and experiences from real women in my life. They are all at different stages of their journey to financial freedom and have great insights and tips. I was also fortunate to be able to interview a mom and dad who played a huge role in Keep Reading

America Saves Week Spotlight: Holly Parker

For America Saves Week (ASW), I wanted to bring you personal insights and experiences from real women in my life. They are all at different stages of their journey to financial freedom and have great insights and tips. I was also fortunate to be able to interview a mom and dad who played a huge role in Keep Reading

America Saves Week Spotlight: Arthur Parker

For America Saves Week (ASW), I wanted to bring you personal insights and experiences from real women in my life. They are all at different stages of their journey to financial freedom and have great insights and tips. I was also fortunate to be able to interview a mom and dad who played a huge role in Keep Reading

America Saves Week Spotlight: Amanda Steinberg

For America Saves Week (ASW), I wanted to bring you personal insights and experiences from real women in my life. They are all at different stages of their journey to financial freedom and have great insights and tips. I was also fortunate to be able to interview a mom and dad who played a huge role in Keep Reading

America Saves Week Spotlight: Shelly Wolf

For America Saves Week (ASW), I wanted to bring you personal insights and experiences from real women in my life. They are all at different stages of their journey to financial freedom and have great insights and tips. I was also fortunate to be able to interview a mom and dad who played a huge Keep Reading

How to Be a Better Saver

There’s no arguing against the fact that women are definitely at a disadvantage when it comes to saving. Not only is there often a disconnect between what we know and what we actually do, but on average, we also earn less, have a hard time returning to work if we choose Keep Reading

Yes, You Should Give Your Child An Allowance

When it comes to learning to manage finances, experiential learning is key. It is one thing to tell your kids about wants vs. needs or saving and spending, but helping them develop good money habits is truly about practice, practice, practice. Just like all those piano lessons and soccer games, Keep Reading

The Best Resources for Personal Finance Education

Did you take a personal finance course in school? Did your family talk to you about money at all? If we had to guess, we’d say most of you answered no to these questions.  That lack of knowledge can be crippling as adults facing everything from salary negotiations to making Keep Reading

How To Keep Your Financial Resolutions in 2017

Some people love the new year. It’s a fresh start, a chance to make goals and stick to them. For others the very idea of a resolution is so daunting that setting any goals, financial or otherwise, at all feels like a recipe for failure. The reality is that whether Keep Reading

Encouraging Kids To Take Risks

As the New Year approaches, we often begin to think about our resolutions—what goals we have for ourselves that will, hopefully, produce growth in some way. These often are things like wanting to exercise more or traveling to a new place. Although you may not initially connect New Year’s Resolutions Keep Reading

Have Your Kids Gotten Their “Scrooge Vaccine” Yet?

As parents, grandparents, family friends…it’s hard. We want to give kids the world and we live to see the excitement on their faces as they receive a gift. It’s so much fun to pick out and wrap presents, to see their anticipation this time of year! The flip side of Keep Reading

Budgeting Tips for 2017

We’d be willing to bet that one of your resolutions for the upcoming new year involves money—either spending less, saving more, or some combination of the two. Why? Because 25% of people who responded to a Nielsen poll last year said that one of their top resolutions was to spend Keep Reading

Putting the Giving in Thanksgiving

We’ve already addressed generosity and how to help your kids develop a sense of thankfulness during the holiday season—but if you want your kids to be the kind of people who frequently and freely give of their time and resources, you can use the Thanksgiving holiday as a starting point Keep Reading

Teaching Kids Gratitude

“Is that it?” Your stomach drops and your blood pressure rises. Do they have any idea how many hours (not to mention how much money) you spent on shopping and wrapping? Or how long it took to put together that bike? Of course not. Kids are naturally self-focused and need Keep Reading

5 Ways to Stay On Budget This Holiday Season

Before we’ve even had a chance to get over our Halloween candy bellyaches (seriously, someone please come take the rest of our mini Snickers), the lights are going up all over town and holiday shopping deals are already popping up online. Holiday creep is real—however, if you look at it Keep Reading

Where Does Money Come From?

Where Does Money Come From? Ask kids this question, and enjoy a wide range of hilarious and eye-opening answers! “From the ATM machine.” “From your wallet.” “Dad pays you, right?” (Ouch.) Money might seem to grow on trees as far as your kids are concerned, but it is fall… and Keep Reading

A Win For Girls and Women

Thank you for believing in our mission and helping us achieve beyond our goal! I wanted to remind everyone why women, why crowdfunding and why we are a for-profit entity. Women still face a long list of challenges in our lives that are one way or another related to money, many Keep Reading

The Quest for Financial Freedom

In April of 2013, I found myself cold, exhausted, and trying to conceal the pain I was in as I stood at the bottom of the top of the world—Mt. Everest. Just 8 months before this moment, I felt like I was on top of the world: I had just Keep Reading

Can Early Financial Education for Girls Kill the Gender Gap?

Why does the gender gap exist? Good question. Well, I can think of a number of factors that could very well contribute to it: imbedded patriarchal societies that dictate behaviors and perceptions of what a woman’s role should be; hidden (and sometimes implicit or overt) biases; women’s decisions and responsibilities Keep Reading

How To Teach Financial Literacy

Growing up in a family of bankers, I was always surrounded by talk about money, investing and credit—but it never made sense to me. I used to keep looking at the clock, counting down the seconds until I could escape to play soccer with the boys, or to get lost in Keep Reading

Not Discussing Money with Your Daughter? 4 Good Reasons You Should Be.

For most parents it’s normal to want to protect their kids (and especially their daughters) from things they feel are too complex. When kids ask questions about how much money we make, and why we can’t buy them that new toy, it feels personal. And, our instinct is to distract Keep Reading