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Can Early Financial Education for Girls Kill the Gender Gap?

Good question. Well, I can think of a number of factors that could very well contribute to it: imbedded patriarchal societies that dictate behaviors and perceptions of what a woman’s role should be; hidden (and sometimes implicit or overt) biases; women’s decisions and responsibilities related to maternity and childrearing; lack of policies benefitting women; and so many more.

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How To Teach Financial Literacy

Growing up in a family of bankers, I was always surrounded by talk about money, investing and credit—but it never made sense to me. I used to keep looking at the clock, counting down the seconds until I could escape to play soccer with the boys, or to get lost in one of my exciting Nancy Drew detective mysteries.

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Not Discussing Money with Your Daughter? 4 Good Reasons You Should Be.

or most parents it’s normal to protect kids from subjects they feel are too complex for them and sometimes even more so with their daughters. When kids ask questions about how much money we make, and why we can’t buy them that new toy, it feels personal, and our instinct is to distract them with something and change the subject. That’s what we should be doing, right?

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