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Have Your Kids Gotten Their “Scrooge Vaccine” Yet?

As parents, grandparents, family friends…it’s hard. We want to give kids the world and we live to see the excitement on their faces as they receive a gift. It’s so much fun to pick out and wrap presents, to see their anticipation this time of year! The flip side of course is the bad attitude that can sometimes develop in kids around the holidays, when desire gets the best of them.

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Budgeting Tips for 2017

We’d be willing to bet that one of your resolutions for the upcoming new year involves money—either spending less, saving more, or some combination of the two. Why? Because 25% of people who responded to a Nielsen poll last year said that one of their top resolutions was to spend less and save more (behind staying fit and losing weight, naturally!)

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Putting the Giving in Thanksgiving

We’ve already addressed generosity and how to help your kids develop a sense of thankfulness during the holiday season—but if you want your kids to be the kind of people who frequently and freely give of their time and resources, you can use the Thanksgiving holiday as a starting point for year-round conversations about giving.

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Teaching Kids Gratitude

Your stomach drops and your blood pressure rises. Do they have any idea how many hours (not to mention how much money) you spent on shopping and wrapping? Or how long it took to put together that bike? Of course not. Kids are naturally self-focused and need a LOT of help learning to be grateful, and the holidays are sometimes a shockingly clear reminder of that.

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5 Ways to Stay On Budget This Holiday Season

Before we’ve even had a chance to get over our Halloween candy bellyaches (seriously, someone please come take the rest of our mini Snickers), the lights are going up all over town and holiday shopping deals are already popping up online. Holiday creep is real—however, if you look at it from the positive side, we still have an opportunity to plan ahead to avoid overspending.

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Where Does Money Come From?

Money might seem to grow on trees as far as your kids are concerned, but it is fall… and well, as the leaves dwindle with time, so can the bank account if we don’t help our kids understand that money is a finite resource! In the age of ATMs, debit cards and credit cards, it might look like money is a never-ending resource and that you can just go to the bank or a machine and get some, especially to a child.

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A Win For Girls and Women

Thank you for believing in our mission and helping us achieve beyond our goal! I wanted to remind everyone why women, why crowdfunding and why we are a for-profit entity.

Women still face a long list of challenges in our lives that are one way or another related to money, many of which we already spoke about in our video and campaign text.

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Free Halloween Games for Kids

Remember being a child at Halloween, hauling home your candy stash to dump out on the floor and enjoy in all its glory? There’s nothing quite like that feeling of abundance.

As parents, we indulge in dressing up our little ones, “ooh” and “aah” over how cute they look, and try to figure out ways to control their sugar intake… but did you ever think that trick-or-treating could teach kids about money? Bonus for you: there are ways you can make sure they don’t eat too much candy while you’re at it!

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The Quest for Financial Freedom

In April of 2013, I found myself cold, exhausted, and trying to conceal the pain I was in as I stood at the bottom of the top of the world—Mt. Everest. Just 8 months before this moment, I felt like I was on top of the world: I had just been on the cover of Forbes Middle East, nominated as a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum, was a member of the board of a number of banks and non-profits, and was making an amazing salary while having few living expenses since I lived at home.

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Can Early Financial Education for Girls Kill the Gender Gap?

Good question. Well, I can think of a number of factors that could very well contribute to it: imbedded patriarchal societies that dictate behaviors and perceptions of what a woman’s role should be; hidden (and sometimes implicit or overt) biases; women’s decisions and responsibilities related to maternity and childrearing; lack of policies benefitting women; and so many more.

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