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Making Money Real For Kids (Part 1)

When kids see cash come out of an ATM or with the swipe of a plastic card to get their favorite milkshake, it seems like magic. In doing so they get an unrealistic perception of money. And because they’re not the ones earning it, a dollar’s value can be hard to instill. But luckily, you […]

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Should Financial Literacy Be Taught At Home Or In Schools?

A child is like a sponge. Well, only in the sense that they are constantly taking in and storing something, and that something is information, according to Age of Montessori. They’re getting it from all around them: at home, at school, from their friends, their teachers, and especially from their parents.

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Summer Jobs For Kids At Every Age

For kids, summer days are filled with ice cream cones, outdoor play, beach outings—and eventually, their first summer job. Working over the summer is a great opportunity for your kids to adopt important money values—and start earning some cash, too.

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“Mommy, What Are Taxes?”

Not only do taxes teach kids lessons about healthy money practices, they’re also an opportunity to talk about sharing, government services, and even practice a little bit of basic math! Here is how you can explain them to your kids.

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