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How To Tell Your Kids You Are In Debt

Recently, we covered an important question: should you tell your kids you’re in debt? As we discussed, the answer varies, and what is right for your family may differ from others. If you’ve decided that the pros of telling your kids outweigh the cons, your next challenge is figuring out how much to tell them, […]

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Ways to Talk to Your Kids about Entitlement and Gratitude

In our family, I often refer to the holiday season as “the season of the gimme’s”. With the obvious holidays of thanksgiving and Christmas, we also have several winter birthdays among our kids, so it can feel like it is nothing but a non-stop stream of gifts, gift opening, and gift shopping. We have struggled […]

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Should We Tell Our Kids We’re In Debt?

There are a lot of questions parents struggle to answer: Is Santa real? Where do babies come from? Why can’t I get a tattoo? But one question that’s on a lot of parents’ minds and doesn’t get as much air time: should we tell our kids we’re in debt? As adults, there can be a […]

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How To Have “The Candy Talk” With Your Kids This Halloween

Halloween candy comes in in a rush—your kid may collect as many as hundreds of candies in a single night. In addition to preventing sugar highs (and sugar crashes), you can use all this candy currency to have an important conversation about budgeting, savings, and the benefits of patience. After your child goes trick or […]

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Why Your Kids’ Financial Education Is The Best Investment You Can Make

What if you could give your child a gift that was guaranteed to increase in value as she gets older? Something that would provide her with not only financial wealth, but also boosted confidence, decision-making skills, and preparation for becoming an adult? Financial literacy can offer your child all this and more—including some surprising extra […]

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