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The Saver, The Risk Taker, And The Game Player

Our fourth America Saves Weeks spotlight is Genna Rosenberg, a toy and consumer products veteran with over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. Genna’s money journey starts off with immigrant grandparents who didn’t have much, yet worked very hard to to support their family. With a father who was more care-free with money. […]

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Family Businesses, Confidence, And Independence

Our third America Saves Week spotlight is Deborah Frazier, Liz Frazier Peck’s mother. She shares the influence that having a family who owned their own businesses had on her, and how being cut-off from any financial support two years into college made her take charge of her financial life. All in the family Deborah Frazier […]

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A Passion For People And Financial Planning

For our second America Saves Week spotlight for 2019, Liz Frazier Peck shares how forming an early healthy relationship with money thanks to her parents led her to explore her deep interest in people and finding her passion for financial planning. Her advice, personal stories, and deep knowledge in this spotlight are a must-read. Parents […]

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Teach Kids The Five Languages of Love Through Choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts

Giving gifts is part of many of our childhoods: birthday presents, the holidays, special occasions. And while showing loved ones appreciation is an important lesson for kids, the financial cost can’t be ignored. This Valentine’s Day, teach kids ways of showing someone you love them that don’t cost a cent. Different people have different “Love […]

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How To Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time

You ask your child a question, but they’re distracted by a game on their phone. You check to see if they did their homework, but find them their third hour of iPad play. Kids and screen time are becoming a huge topic (and pain point) amongst parents and experts. If these scenarios sound familiar, you’re […]

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Minimalism: 7 Tips For Parents To Teach Their Kids

Minimalism is one of the best ways to teach your kids how to value what they have. At its core, it’s about intentionally promoting what we most value, and getting rid of distractions. Simply, minimalism is living only with the things we need. It also gives us the opportunity to teach our kids things like […]

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Our Top Halloween Money Lessons

Halloween is chock full of money lessons, and this week, the inherQuests team is here to share what Halloween taught us about money growing up, and how we use Halloween as a teaching opportunity today.

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