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How To Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time

You ask your child a question, but they’re distracted by a game on their phone. You check to see if they did their homework, but find them their third hour of iPad play. Kids and screen time are becoming a huge topic (and pain point) amongst parents and experts. If these scenarios sound familiar, you’re […]

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Minimalism: 7 Tips For Parents To Teach Their Kids

Minimalism is one of the best ways to teach your kids how to value what they have. At its core, it’s about intentionally promoting what we most value, and getting rid of distractions. Simply, minimalism is living only with the things we need. It also gives us the opportunity to teach our kids things like […]

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Our Top Halloween Money Lessons

Halloween is chock full of money lessons, and this week, the inherQuests team is here to share what Halloween taught us about money growing up, and how we use Halloween as a teaching opportunity today.

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Making Money Real For Kids (Part 1)

When kids see cash come out of an ATM or with the swipe of a plastic card to get their favorite milkshake, it seems like magic. In doing so they get an unrealistic perception of money. And because they’re not the ones earning it, a dollar’s value can be hard to instill. But luckily, you […]

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Should Financial Literacy Be Taught At Home Or In Schools?

A child is like a sponge. Well, only in the sense that they are constantly taking in and storing something, and that something is information, according to Age of Montessori. They’re getting it from all around them: at home, at school, from their friends, their teachers, and especially from their parents.

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