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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Debt For Kids

And it’s better to raise kids to be prepared for the likely event they do have to manage debt than the unreasonable sentiment that they should never take on any. So how can we break it down for kids to understand? This debt simulator activity should help.  

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Your Kids Want A Pet, But Do They Understand What It Means To Own One?

Puppies. Kittens. Cute little hamsters! Getting a pet is every kid’s dream. What’s better than a furry best friend? But while they spend hours daydreaming about getting one, are they really prepared for the real-life responsibilities of taking care of one? And do they really have a sense of how this will affect the family’s […]

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Buying a car could actually make you a better parent and help you teach kids life money lessons.

How Buying A Car Can Make You A Better Parent

Buying a house, getting a new car, or paying for your oldest’s education: these all have high price tags. But they’re also opportunities to model good financial decision making to your kids. Turning big ticket purchases into life money lessons isn’t just a matter of leading by example through your own responsible decision making. It’s […]

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The Real Costs of Living… For Kids

How do we introduce kids to the real costs of living? Every parent has heard the simple, sometimes-dreaded question: “why…?” When that question ends with “…can’t I have the newest toy/my favorite snack/an ice cream outing after dinner every night this week?” you might just feel like pulling your own hair out. It’s called a […]

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The Dollar Value Of A SAHM — And How To Explain It To Kids

This Mother’s Day, appreciate all the stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) by moving the gratitude conversation so it is beyond a simple handwritten card and breakfast in bed. Talk about not just the personal value of a mother, but the financial—regardless of if she works outside the home or not. Little kids grow up hearing the same […]

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How To Teach Kids About Investing

Even to adults with years of experience making and spending money under our belts, investing can be intimidating. The idea of introducing investing to our kids? Daunting. But if you want your kids to make the most of the money they earn down the line, it’s essential to start teaching them how to literally turn […]

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Start With The Basics: Money 101 For Kids

This Financial Literacy Month, prioritize starting to teach your kids about money. Sounds intimidating? It shouldn’t be! You don’t need to be a certified financial expert, or even be making perfect financial decisions every day. Talking to your kids about money is about applying big picture concepts to day-to-day, real-world decisions. Start with small steps, […]

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What Is Financial Literacy, Really?

Money makes the world go round—so why aren’t kids learning financial literacy from a young age? And what is financial literacy, really? Although more schools are teaching personal finance classes, many are still failing to produce financially literate high school graduates. Only 5 states graded “A” for their efforts in 2017. But what age should […]

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