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inherQuests games

Wants and Needs (2)

Teach kids the difference between needs and wants with this financial fun box. They’ll travels to the future with QuestGirl Penelope to see how her own needs and wants change (or don’t!) when she’s older.

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inherQuests Level 3

Lifestyles and Money Attitudes

This game helps your child discover how people in her life made different choices around money, what they wanted to be when they grow up, and where they are now.

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inherquests games

Intro to Money

Introduce your your kids to coins and bills, even if they are already familiar with them. Play some fun games, add a little competition, and teach them how to make up different values.

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Teach Kids The Five Languages of Love Through Choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts

Giving gifts is part of many of our childhoods: birthday presents, the holidays, special occasions. And while showing loved ones appreciation is an important lesson for kids, the financial cost can’t be ignored. This Valentine’s Day, teach kids ways of showing someone you love them that don’t cost a cent. Different people have different “Love […]

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How To Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time

You ask your child a question, but they’re distracted by a game on their phone. You check to see if they did their homework, but find them their third hour of iPad play. Kids and screen time are becoming a huge topic (and pain point) amongst parents and experts. If these scenarios sound familiar, you’re […]

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7 Tips For Parents To Teach Their Kids Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the best ways to teach your kids how to value what they have. At its core, minimalism is about intentionally promoting what we most value, and getting rid of distractions. Simply, it’s living only with the things we need. It also gives us the opportunity to teach our kids things like […]

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