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inherQuests games

Wants and Needs (2)

Teach kids the difference between needs and wants with this financial fun box. They’ll travels to the future with QuestGirl Penelope to see how her own needs and wants change (or don’t!) when she’s older.

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inherQuests Level 3

Lifestyles and Money Attitudes

This game helps your child discover how people in her life made different choices around money, what they wanted to be when they grow up, and where they are now.

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inherquests games

Intro to Money

Introduce your your kids to coins and bills, even if they are already familiar with them. Play some fun games, add a little competition, and teach them how to make up different values.

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We just finished up our Kickstarter campaign, and we were fully funded! The campaign will help bring our financial fun boxes to life.

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dina shoman

Gender Equity and Equality Through Girl-Focused Financial Literacy

When we look at the statistics and current state of affairs, we can clearly see why there is a need to advocate for gender equality and equity for women. The existing gender gaps that take various shapes need to be addressed as soon as possible. International Women’s Day is a perfect occasion to highlight the […]

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Budgeting For Life

Our fifth America Saves Week spotlight is Paula Sintes Darragh, a successful professional raised in a family of bankers. Paula adopted budgeting from an early age, so she saved enough and was able to buy a home before any of her peers started to even consider home ownership. She continued to imbed the budgeting thread […]

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The Saver, The Risk Taker, And The Game Player

Our fourth America Saves Weeks spotlight is Genna Rosenberg, a toy and consumer products veteran with over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. Genna’s money journey starts off with immigrant grandparents who didn’t have much, yet worked very hard to to support their family. With a father who was more care-free with money. […]

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