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Money games for girls designed to build their financial life skills. Our Financial Fun Boxes include fun money quests and real life experiences.

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Wants and Needs (2)

Teach kids the difference between needs and wants with this financial fun box. They’ll travels to the future with QuestGirl Penelope to see how her own needs and wants change (or don’t!) when she’s older.

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inherQuests Level 3

Lifestyles and Money Attitudes

This game helps your child discover how people in her life made different choices around money, what they wanted to be when they grow up, and where they are now.

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Intro to Money

Introduce your your kids to coins and bills, even if they are already familiar with them. Play some fun games, add a little competition, and teach them how to make up different values.

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We just finished up our Kickstarter campaign, and we were fully funded! The campaign will help bring our financial fun boxes to life.

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Start With The Basics: Money 101 For Kids

This Financial Literacy Month, prioritize starting to teach your kids about money. Sounds intimidating? It shouldn’t be! You don’t need to be a certified financial expert, or even be making perfect financial decisions every day. Talking to your kids about money is about applying big picture concepts to day-to-day, real-world decisions. Start with small steps, […]

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What Is Financial Literacy, Really?

Money makes the world go round—so why aren’t kids learning financial literacy from a young age? And what is financial literacy, really? Although more schools are teaching personal finance classes, many are still failing to produce financially literate high school graduates. Only 5 states graded “A” for their efforts in 2017. But what age should […]

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Doesn’t spark joy? Don’t toss it – yet!

Combining Marie Kondo’s “joy” while maximizing your wallet “Does it spark joy?” With that one question, Marie Kondo launched a mass home organizing movement around the world. By now, we’ve all heard it. Between the millions of sales of her home-organizing books and the launch of a Netflix series, Kondo’s system for cleaning out and […]

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